The “look down generation”

Technology is a wonderful thing. To be able to video chat to your family 1000s of miles away; to be able to find and then order an obscure book and download have the hard copy the next day or a Kindle version within seconds is incredible.

Some things are not so good about technology. Kids who walk into you because they are looking down at their phones. Going to concerts and can’t see the band because of 100s of phones in the air in front of you. Texting your kids to come down for dinner (or worse, taking the dinner into “the den” because they are in the middle of an “important quest” on their game.) Parties where 80% of people are on their mobiles instead of talking, flirting, drinking, dancing..

..and generally, technology drives people into communicating in a virtual way instead of talking face to face.

So, it bring people who are 1000s of miles away closer together, but pushes people who live in the same house (or town or village) further apart.

Facebook addiction
Facebook addiction – as much a problem for older users as the young’uns

…but I’m not letting the older generations off either! All the people who talk to each other on Facebook. Married couples who says “I love you” etc etc, when there are much more personal ways they could do it!

I think addiction to technology even includes the health risks of other more recognised addictions….. neck, back and wrist stain, not to mention obesity, increased risk of heart problems through lack of exercise and so on.

We need to stop glorifying technology and this obession with the latest gadget and start to think of it as a tool, and how practical is it to do a job, just like a spade or a hammer.

Some companies have a “no internal phonecall” day. Perhaps at home, we should allow ourselves a “non-technology” day, where we turn off our phones/computers for the whole day. Could you do this?