Nuisance Calls

Today, I have been assaulted by nuisance callers.

I had 3 calls from various UK landline numbers, with a recorded message saying “this is BT, we are going to cut your line off, unless you press 1 to talk to our technical department.” Needless to say, I didn’t. It would probably have costed me an international call rate.

Then I had an almost identical call “This is your Internet Service Provider….” same scam.

Then I had a call from an (International) mobile number asking for me by name. I said it was Adam speaking, then the person started reading out my address. CREEPY! I asked who it was, and he hung up.

So what can I do? I am already with the telephone preference service so I shouldn’t be getting these calls, but of course, that is only respected by genuine kosher companies.

A Google search came up with this page which has some useful advice.

One of the options is to contact Action Fraud. This sends the info to the police, but I wasn’t asked to leave any details. Perhaps they can do something about the number but I know how pressed they are for resources. If enough people report attempted fraud to the police, perhaps something will get done about this national menace. I’ve had about a dozen customers taken in by various Internet scams. We need more protection for people, many of whom are vulnerable and not streetwise.