Laptop Repair

laptopLaptops have risen in price lately, but still tend to be treated like disposable devices. It is usually far cheaper to have a repair carried out than buy a new one. We offer a Pembrokeshire-based laptop repair service either at your premises or here at our workshop.

Common laptop issues

Laptop hard drives are a common component to fail. As laptops tend to get thrown around more than desktops, a spinning magnetic hard drive takes quite a punishment. The cramped space means they also run hotter.

Replacing an old magnetic drive with a solid state drive is simply a no brainer in most cases. They are 3-4 times faster and less susceptible to damage through vibration as they have no moving parts. They also run cooler for the same reason (no friction.)

Laptops suffer from more vibration leading to file corruption, that can result in a system that wont boot.

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