Nuisance Calls

Today, I have been assaulted by nuisance callers.

I had 3 calls from various UK landline numbers, with a recorded message saying “this is BT, we are going to cut your line off, unless you press 1 to talk to our technical department.” Needless to say, I didn’t. It would probably have costed me an international call rate.

Then I had an almost identical call “This is your Internet Service Provider….” same scam.

Then I had a call from an (International) mobile number asking for me by name. I said it was Adam speaking, then the person started reading out my address. CREEPY! I asked who it was, and he hung up.

So what can I do? I am already with the telephone preference service so I shouldn’t be getting these calls, but of course, that is only respected by genuine kosher companies.

A Google search came up with this page which has some useful advice.

One of the options is to contact Action Fraud. This sends the info to the police, but I wasn’t asked to leave any details. Perhaps they can do something about the number but I know how pressed they are for resources. If enough people report attempted fraud to the police, perhaps something will get done about this national menace. I’ve had about a dozen customers taken in by various Internet scams. We need more protection for people, many of whom are vulnerable and not streetwise.

High Definition Sound – would Jethro Tull approve?

Living in the Past - Jethro Tull
Living in the Past – Jethro Tull (vinyl records were often words of art”)

Having just invested in new hifi, including a turntable, I’m once again enjoying listening to vinyl. When CDs first came in, there was a lot of marketing (propaganda) about the virtues of CDs, they didnt get scratched like vinyl, they were almost indestructible, the sound quality was better, and so on. In truth, most of this was a lie. The first CDs were more robust, as manufacturers cut costs, the quality dropped, and CDs are now more easily scratched than vinyl.

As far as sound quality is concerned, when you convert the almost infinite amount of details in analogue sound into digital, you are changing it into a finite number of 0s and 1s. There is a point at which the human ear can’t tell the difference. The point at which the detail of digital is too great for the human ear to distinguish is debatable. A study carried out in 1993 found only 4 out of 160 people in a “blind” controlled experiment could tell the difference between vinyl and CD. Perhaps one reason why people think vinyl is superior is that there are more cheap and nasty CD systems than cheap and nasty vinyl systems.
Regardless of whether the argument for vinyl holds water, today’s massive capacity for data storage and fibre optic broadband makes even CDs look like “Living in the Past.” The latest trend taking over is the use of high definition audio. This is digital audio superior to CD quality that should finally settle the argument about the superiority of digital or vinyl. If the level of detail in CD is barely enough, HD audio definitely has the detail.
Here is an excellent article that explains it well.
I’m still enjoying my vinyl, if for no other reason than they are beautiful objects to behold, often with amazing sleeves and artwork.

Windows 10 is now available

MSW1064 Especially recommended for people using Vista, as most systems will be compatible with Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you are eligible for a free upgrade.

What if I’m still using Windows XP
If you are still using XP, it is likely that the hardware will be too old and slow to run Windows 10. Components will be old and likely to start failing, so in this case, I would recommend buying a new computer. Data from the old one can be copied to the new.

If you would like a copy, or need help installing Windows 10, give me a call on 01646 602248 or 07934 453989

Time to ditch Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender

For two years running, MSSE has performed worst in Dennis Technology Lab’s anti-virus tests. This year, it achieved a detection rate of 68%. This compares to the next worst performer, Panda Free Antivirus which scored 90%.

The best free performer was Avast! Free Antivirus with 98%, followed by AVG with 93%.

While MSSE is better than none at all, it is our advice to install a better antivirus. Contact Adam on 01646 602248 if you need help with this.

Webb Computers, Tenby

Sadly, it appears that Webb Computers has ceased trading. Their webpage is down and the shop has gone. I have found no official statement, they just appear to have gone. One of their former customers, who came to me with a computer problem, says they are not answering the phone. It is sad to see a reputable Pembrokeshire firm close down. People in Tenby and Saundersfoot now have to travel much further for IT support.