Which Broadband Provider?

When people ask me to recommend a broadband provider (usually after a terrible experience with BT, TalkTalk or my most hated XLN Telecom, I refer them to the one I use now, Zen Internet. Many people won’t have heard of them, but they are PC Pro magazine and Which’s award winners of 2014. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/computing/1000049/the-pc-pro-excellence-awards-2014#BestBroadband

They have a UK call centre, they give a fixed IP as standard, useful if you need remote access to say, a CCTV system. They also don’t block ports or do “traffic shaping” – which is where certain traffic is “deprioritised” in favour of another type of traffic. For example, they could give video downloads a slower speed than say, Skype, which can be annoying if you are trying to watch BBC iPlayer. I found ANY type of online video was impossible with XLN Telecom. They told me it wasn’t needed for a “business service”, ignoring the fact that businesses use video, or that small businesses like mine are home-based.

Zen Internet also offer one month contracts, so you can easily get out if you want to.

I get no commission from Zen, I’m just happy to recommend them. Their website is https://www.zen.co.uk/