How to stop Windows 10 installing itself!

If you are getting fed up of the constant and intrusive spam messages on your computer trying to bully you into “upgrading” to Windows 10, the good news is, it can be stopped.

Microsoft seem to be desperate to get people onto Windows 10, and this is so different to Windows 7 that a whole new learning curve has to be made. This is quite stressful to many people, especially the elderly. The strange thing is, Microsoft have committed to updating Windows 7 until April 2020, so why the hurry?

Many people have reported that it is now installing itself without being agreed by the user. In my opinion, this is a clear example of “Big Brother” type tactics. Sure, Apple and Android do upgrades, but the difference in the user interface is minimal and usually passes unnoticed by users.

How do I stop this Windows 10 upgrade?

Download and install the GWX Control panel from
Make sure you click the “prevent Windows 10 upgrades” and the “enable monitor mode” buttons.