Microsoft account locks people out of their computers

A Microsoft account is now the default favoured (…by Microsoft, that is!) way of logging on to your computer. The problem with this is that people forget their passwords. It then tells you to go to to reset your password… but you can’t log on to your computer.. see the problem? They offer no escape from this, other than use someone else’s computer.

The idiocy and lack of customer care of this defies belief. It’s all in the interest of so-called privacy/security, which is actually false security, as your personal data is still accessible to a thief. If your laptop is stolen, they can just put the hard drive in another computer (or into a external USB case) and access the files, unless you have encryption on the disk (which is a tiny number of people.)

Come on, Microsoft, get your act together, your war with pirates is detroying your relationship with your millions of customers.

All they need to do, is to allow users to log on with a temporary profile, so they can reset their password on their own machine. It is embarrassing for users to go to a friend’s house to reset the password.