Fed up with viruses? Try Linux!

linuxAll Windows operating systems have been plagued by viruses and other malware (=malicious software.) Apple Macs have often been paraded as being free from malware, but increasingly, they are being targetted by malware writers.

Linux is a free alternative to Windows and Mac and was first released in 1991. It has long been the system of choice for supercomputers and internet servers.

It is at it’s core, a secure operating system, as it uses a minimal kernel (the heart of the beast) which due to simplicity, offers a smaller “attack area” for the bad guys.

There are different versions (distributions/distros) of Linux, which appear very different (they use a different shell)

Some of the more popular ones are:

Linux Mint
Xubuntu (built on Ubuntu but designed for older/slower computers)Puppy
PartedMagic (a diagnostic distro)
DEFT (a forensic distro)

If you use your computer just for website browsing, Internet Banking, Facebook, or word processing, Linux could be a good alternative for you.

However, if you want to play most online games, or use special software like Photoshop, SatNav software or Microsoft Outlook, it could be problematic. In this case, a dual-boot option might work well. In other words, you could either Windows or Linux on start-up.

You can download a Linux .iso file and burn it to DVD and install it yourself, or contact me on 01646 602248 and I’d be happy to help.