8 bad decisions by Microsoft

  1. Removing F8 for start-up options (useful sometimes to get into safe mode when you can’t log in normally)
  2. Forcing windows updates on users and removing the ability to say “not now” (Windows 10)
  3. Treating all users like copyright thieves, so making it easier to use cracked copies of Windows than genuine copies.
  4. Preventing reinstallation of Windows from generic DVDs /USB sticks. If your hard drive fails, and you didn’t make a recovery drive, you’re screwed.
  5. Assuming everyone wants to use touch screen devices and abandoning the core historic user base of mouse and keyboard users.
  6. Removing useful information such as error messages and assuming all users are confused by such information.
  7. Generally treating the user base as either stupid or criminal.
  8. Trying to copy Apple and Google instead of being innovative and creative, and then not even getting that right.