When did you last backup your data?  Many people don’t bother backing up their files and end up losing irreplaceable photos, accounts or documents?

There are several ways to backup your files / system. Its advisable to store your data in at least 3 places, one should be off-site. A cloud backup can suffice for this. An on-site backup can be done with a portable hard drive. Many people these days store all their data on the cloud. It is still important to keep a local copy as your internet connectino could go down, or your online data could become compromised by attackers or through problems with the companty offering to store your data. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

Unless you have an unusally large amount of data, a USB stick would have enough capacity.

If you want to backup your entire system, a portable hard drive is a good option. These start from around £40-£50.

Cloud backups.

There are many different options for cloud backups. The free offerings from Microsoft, Dropbox and Google Drive are quitel imited in space.

If you have a paid subscription to Microsoft OneDrive, you get 1TB of cloud storage.

Google backup and sync offers unlimited storage of photos in high definition. Note that this is not FULL size, but it is still very large and plenty good enough for average family printing,

There are other services available, often with your internet service providers, and worth checking. Ensure you get more than the measly 5-10GB offered for free by some providers.

Image backup to a portable hard drive

This is the only type of backup that allows you to restore your programmes and Windows setup. Other backups only include your documents and require reinstallation of Windows and all your programmes. It is literally an exact “image” of your computer.

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