Laptop Repair

laptopLaptops tend to be treated like disposable devices, especially now they are on sale at prices under £250, but some repairs can be carried out for much less than this. We offer a Pembrokeshire laptop repair service either at your premises or here at our workshop. Contact us on 01646 429233 for a speedy response.

Common laptop issues

Laptop hard drives are a common component to fail. As laptops tend to get thrown around more than desktops, a spinning magnetic hard drive takes quite a punishment. The cramped space means they also run hotter.

Laptop hard drives cost from around £40 plus fitting, so this is well worth fixing, instead of shelling out £200+ for a new one. Or take a solid state drive (SSD) for improved performance.

Laptops also suffer from more cases of file corruption, as they often run out of battery power during software updates. Going back to factory settings will cure this, but is a drastic step as it causes you to lose all your personal files, music, photos etc. A gentler option is to fix the corruption.