USB stick

USB sticks are now very cheap and have enough capacity for most people

When did you last backup your data?  Many people don’t bother backing up their files and end up losing irreplaceable photos, or documents?

Unless you have an unusally large amount of data, a USB stick would have enough capacity. We sell 32GB stick for around £12.

If you want to backup your entire system, a portable hard drive is a good option. These start from around £40-£50. You will also need some software to do this. Although Windows 7 and on has the ability to do a full system backup (an “image”), it is notoriously unreliable. Such products as Norton Ghost, Acronis products, and R-Drive Image are all better for this. Some USB hard drives comes with imaging software, which might be suitable.

To get the best solution for you, call us on 01646 429233 / 07934453989. We can offer many backup options, but some good ones are:

Carbonite offline backup (from $59 per annum per PC) – You’ll never have to remember to back up again

Carbonite offers automatic, continual and secure online backup for your home or small business computers, so you can rest easy knowing your irreplaceable files are protected. Once installed, your files will be backed up automatically to the cloud – no hardware required – so you can get them back when you need them most.

Portable hard drive with sync

Sync your computer with a portable hard drive and you can then access your files on another pc or laptop. Handy in general, but very valuable for a business if your main pc fails.

Image backup to a portable hard drive

This is the only type of backup that allows you to restore your programmes and Windows setup. Other backups only include your documents and require reinstallation of Windows and all your programmes. It is literally an exact “image” of your computer.

Call me (Adam) on 01646 429233 for a quote on setting up the right backup system for you!